Uriel Landeros Bio

Uriel Landeros "Conquista"

Uriel Landeros, “Conquista” is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, painter, muralist, photographer, and social sculptor. Born in Edinburg in 1990, Landeros grew up in Rio Grande Valley. He draws much of its strength from the integration of two cultures living side by side despite being separated by an international boundary. His work is associated with graffiti counterculture but touches on Imperialism, Colonialism, and Capitalism through his signature use of gold and gold paint mixtures.

The son of a community organizer, Landeros took a stand for his beliefs at an early age, successfully petitioning local city leaders for the creation of his community’s first skate park. Skateboarding and Hip Hop graffiti culture were Uriel’s first introduction to the art world. After graduating from IDEA Public Schools, Landeros studied art at the University of Houston, where he focused on painting and sculpture while shaping his own worldview and social consciousness.

Landeros’ activism and bold stand on the art world at the Menil Collection in Houston has been documented by CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, The Independent Newspaper and others. In 2012 Landeros became the youngest artist in Mexican history to have an exhibition in a Bellas Artes Institution when “The Disrespectful” debuted at Mexico City’s Museo De Arte Carrillo Gil.


  1. 2008” - Summer St. Art Studios “The Annunaki$ Show” Houston, TX USA.
  2. 2008” - Summer St. Art Studios “Summer St Arts Festival” Houston, TX. USA.
  3. 2012” - Cueto James Art Gallery “Houston We Have A Problem” Houston, TX USA.
  4. 2012” - MACG “Los Irrespetuosos” Mexico D.F. MX.
  5. 2015” - The Resurrection Catholic Church “The Resurrection Art Show” Alamo, TX. USA.
  6. 2015” - La Playa “EGO” Houston, TX. USA.
  7. 2016” - Visionary Heights “The Duality Art Show” Houston, TX. USA.
  8. 2016” - Blaffer Art Museum “BAMSA” Houston, TX. USA.
  9. 2017” - MECA “Dia De Los Muertos” Houston, TX. USA.
  10. 2018” - Splendora Gardens “ART BRAND” Houston, TX. USA.
  11. 2019” - Splendora Gardens “The 3rd Annual Flower Show of Splendora” Splendora, TX. USA.
  12. 2020” - Yerberia Cultura “Dia De La Conquista” McAllen, TX. USA.
  13. 2020” - Tropicasa “Trippycasa with Conquista” McAllen, TX. USA.
  14. 2021” - McAllen Creative Incubator “The Golden Art Show” McAllen, TX. USA.
  15. 2021” - Heart Bar “Tropicasa Takeover” Brooklyn, NY. USA.
  16. 2021” - Flying Walrus “The Big Show” McAllen, TX. USA.
  17. 2021” - The Phoenix Gallery “Plaza De Toros” McAllen, TX. USA.
  18. 2021” - IMAS “Annual Members Show” McAllen, TX. USA.
  19. 2021” - The Phoenix Gallery “Dia De Los Muertos” McAllen, TX. USA.
  20. 2021” - San Benito Cultural Museum “Castillan Roses In December ” San Benito, TX. USA.